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Todd Barker, Director of Golf, Eagle Nest Golf Club

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Todd Barker

Director of Golf – Eagle Nest Golf Club

  • Years at the course: 2
  • Years in the Myrtle Beach market: 2
  • Years in the golf industry: 40
  • Birthplace/Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
  • College: Northern Kentucky University
  • Affiliation: PGA of America
  • Favorite hole at your course: No. 4, par-3, 266 yards: “The challenge of reaching the green with my 3-wood.”
  • Favorite thing about your course or club: The challenge of the entire course.
  • Strangest request from a customer: An offer to buy my 6-foot long Callaway Big Bertha driver.
  • CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened at your course: “Someone complaining about the speed of the greens being too fast!!

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