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We offer a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign that effectively targets golfers and establishes direct communication with them during their golf vacations in the Myrtle Beach area.

We are the leading platform in the Myrtle Beach golf industry, offering a cutting-edge news site. Through strategic marketing initiatives, we actively pursue the expansion of our readership, presenting an exceptional opportunity for our advertising clients to achieve heightened exposure. Your advertisements will enjoy prominent placement in two key areas of our website: the homepage and article pages. Furthermore, we have implemented a user-friendly dropdown menu, specifically designed to highlight restaurants and bars, where your ads will be prominently showcased. Additionally, our curated biweekly On The Green newsletter provides an ideal platform to feature your advertisements and reach our engaged audience.

Moreover, our innovative Myrtle Beach Golf App unlocks a multitude of advertising opportunities, ensuring widespread visibility for your brand.

"On The Green Magazine has been the standard for golf magazine on the grand strand for more than 40 years"

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Golf tourism plays a crucial role in attracting visitors to Myrtle Beach. Golfers often stay for an extended period, resulting in spending on accommodations, dining, entertainment, shopping and other hospitality services. Contact us for details and a media kit. Contact Alan at Alan@onthegreenmagazine.com or 843-385-6025