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Marc Guertin, Caledonia, head professional

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Marc Guertin

Head Professional – Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

  • Years at the course: 23
  • Years in the Myrtle Beach market: 30
  • Years in the golf industry: 30
  • Birthplace/Hometown: East Middlebury, Vermont
  • College: Bryant College
  • Affiliation: PGA
  • Favorite hole at your course: No. 16, 417 yards – “Challenging par-4 with a great looking approach shot downhill over water.”
  • Favorite thing about your course or club: “The 400-year-old live oaks throughout the property. With the Spanish moss hanging from them, many look like enormous bonsai trees.”
  • Strangest request from a customer: “The request to spread their ashes in some of the bunkers on the course.”
  • CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened at your course: “It is a tossup between the golfer who swam the alligator-infested waters from the 18th fairway to the green or the entire top row of golf carts that were damaged being delivered to the course by one of the oaks along the entrance road.”

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