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Randy Broughton, Director of Golf, Man O’War Golf Club

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Randy Broughton

Director of Golf – Man O’War Golf Club

  • Years at the course: 15
  • Years in the Myrtle Beach market: 42
  • Years in the golf industry: 42
  • Birthplace/Hometown: Kershaw, SC
  • College: College of Charleston
  • Affiliation: PGA of America
  • Favorite hole at your course: No. 9, par-4, 433 yards: “A very difficult par-4 with an island fairway and green together. The reason I like it is that the hole changes every day. It is surrounded by water, so the wind is always a factor. It has a very large green that’s around 40 yards deep so pin placement and proper ball position is a challenge. With a par, you’ve had a very successful day.
  • Favorite thing about your course or club: “Year-round excellent condition. One of a handful of courses (along with The Wizard) that have bentgrass greens. Man O’War and The Wizard are open courses with abundant air flow around greens that aids in keeping bentgrass in excellent condition. We also do wall-to-wall overseeding with rye grass in October, so we have green conditions all fall, winter and spring from tree line to tree line.”
  • Strangest request from a customer:Golfers insisting to play alone in season. We may have a few scattered tee times open and let them know we can add them to a threesome. They say no and want to play alone. When you quote the full price for a foursome and tell them that’s the only way to play alone the desire changes or they hang up.
  • CRAZIEST thing that has ever happened at your course:A fox squirrel got a guy’s cigarettes and went up into a tree. He threw a club to scare the squirrel, but the club got stuck. He then threw another one and it got stuck. They were high up in the tree and we didn’t have a way to retrieve them. He asked us to call a tree guy. When I quoted the rate for the guy to retrieve the clubs, the golfer got mad and thought we were trying to get a cut of the fee. He didn’t want to pay the fee, so he left. The cigarettes were on the ground the next day but no clubs. The clubs eventually must have fallen down but were never turned in.

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