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On The Green Magazine: Past, Present and Future

The venerable publication has undergone a modernization and revitalization for 2023, and OnTheGreenMagazine.com has become the magazine’s new identity.

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On The Green Magazine has been the standard for golf magazines on the Grand Strand for more than 40 years. 

The magazine was created by Myrtle Beach Golf Hall of Fame member Paul Himmelsbach and was published by Himmelsbach Communications through 2019. With Himmelsbach patriarchs Paul and brother Jack winding down their business ventures, they partnered with the owner of the Golf Trek package company to continue building on the legacy.

The venerable publication endures and is undergoing a modernization and revitalization in 2023. The magazine’s website has been revamped, and OnTheGreenMagazine.com has become the magazine’s new identity.

The website is now the preeminent source for Myrtle Beach golf news.

Alan Blondin, golf writer at The Sun News for more than two decades through May 2022, is overseeing the website as editor in chief and providing the bulk of the content as senior writer.

In addition to the latest headlines and happenings in Myrtle Beach area golf, OnTheGreenMagazine.com will regularly feature instruction, tournaments, course reviews, profiles of those in the golf industry, Know Your Pro golf professional Q&A’s, and more.

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