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Crit Gore Passing

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By Paul Himmelsbach –

I lost my partner in Heather Glen & Glen Dornoch, Crit Gore.

I met Crit in 1984. He was introduced to me by General Jim Hackler when I was in the midst of working out a deal with Colonel Vereen to lease the property that would become Heather Glen. I was a new guy in the community publishing On The Green and On The Beach magazines and I knew nothing about the golf course business. When it came to financing and running a golf course I knew zero and didn’t know were to turn.

Crit Gore and Jim Hackler embraced me, helped get the financing and together we built Heather Glen. We named Crit the president of Heather Glen and managing partner. He did a great job – it was named “Best New Course” by Golf Digest in 1987. Under his leadership Heather Glen became a huge winner.

My brother Jack, Crit and I built Glen Dornoch, a beautiful course on the Intracoastal waterway. Crit’s son George was part of our team and together we created the Glens Group which included Possum Trot, Shaftesbury Glen Golf and Fish Club, and the beautiful accommodations at Village at The Glens.

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Crit Gore was everything you would expect in a partner – honest, smart, hard working, a stand up guy with great principles. His involvement in the community as President of the Golf Course Owners Association, Dunes Club president, and Golf Holiday board member showed his leadership and community-minded spirit.

He was a terrific husband to his dear wife Ruth as well as a wonderful father and grandfather. I also considered him my dear friend, always there with advice, suggestions and solutions to business problems. We both were inducted into the Myrtle Beach Golf Hall of Fame, an honor I never would have received without the guidance of Crit Gore & Jim Hackler.

I will miss my friend and partner Crit, as will his family, friends and the Myrtle Beach community.

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