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2019 Mentor Cup Will Return to Tidewater

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2018 Mentor CupFollowing a successful inaugural campaign last fall, The 2019 Mentor Cup is set to return to Tidewater Golf Club.

On October 26, 2019, we will welcome 16 two-person teams consisting of an adult mentor and junior mentee. Teams will play a 9-hole competition with a format designed to build memories that will last a lifetime.

The format will feature scramble and alternate shot with the intention of placing an emphasis on bonding, partnership and individual responsibility. The top 3 teams win prizes.

The 2019 Mentor Cup tournament is slated for an 8:30am ET shotgun start at renowned Tidewater Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Contestants will be treated to complimentary meals, gift bags, plus educational and motivational clinics by our featured mentors.

Entry fee per team for the 2019 Mentor Cup is $200. Applications are available at mentorcup.com on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Jaime Fischer, Kelly Tilghman, and Gary Schaal are ready for the 2019 Mentor Cup
Jaime Fischer, Kelly Tilghman, and Gary Schaal are ready for the 2019 Mentor Cup

The inaugural tournament in 2018 was a huge success.

On Saturday morning, October 27th 2018, more than 50 teams gathered to christen a brand new event which featured 9 holes of captain’s choice and 9 holes of modified alternate shot at Tidewater Golf Club. Mentors and junior mentees partnered up for a chance to become the first winners of the Mentor Cup. A chilly, cloud covered fall morning gave way to a warmer, sunnier afternoon. The winning score in the Advanced Flight was an eye-popping 62! The winning totals for the Intermediate and Beginner Flights were both 75.

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